The Beginning.


The dictionary defines shadow as “a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface” a reference to “proximity, ominous oppressiveness, or sadness and gloom.” Although we grew up among the rest of society, we were placed in the shadows and hidden there. Any cries we made for help were ignored. Shadows don’t feel, they don’t have rights, and they only exist in the presence of something else.  Our cries were dismissed, our tears went unseen, the little children we were remained silent and stayed hidden in the shadows to survive.

But we are no longer children, we have grown up now. We are strong, we are brave, and we will no longer be silent. Instead of living in the shadows, many of us are stepping out into the public. Decrying the abuse that we grew up with, bonding together to support each other, and helping our younger siblings and friends. We refuse to be hidden in the shadows, we will not accept denial of abuse and we will not enable abuse to continue. This is scary for us – to leave our humanness, mistakes, and wounds so open to public exposure.

In the dim light, our eyes become unable to any colors only shades of black and white, as we start the journey of stepping out of the shadows and into the light, we begin to start seeing the beautiful colors never seen.

My hope in this blog is to provide the resources I have found and the ones that I wish I had in my journey. To provide direction for people wanting to make the first steps of healing, but do not know where to start.

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